Brick Press Machine

a sustainable solution for a cost effective construction while using local resources

houses - watertanks - toilets - food silos - hospitals - school buildings

Toilets, houses and buildings in Uganda

The brick machine impact:

  • Improves access to safe water and houses

  • Creates inexpensive and locally made bricks

  • Improves health

  • Improves education and skill sharing

  • Creates employment opportunities

  • Protects the environment

  • Generates local income

  • Combats rural exodus

  • We provide a solution for plastic waste

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas

  • CO2 reduction (no burning)

  • We work with local materials (straw/clay/fibres)

  • Respects local needs

  • Fights poverty

  • Creates storage rooms for water

  • Creates storage rooms for food

  • We train the local people to use the machine

  • We provide a control tool for the brick quality

  • We relay information from international NGOs

  • Possible income through CO2 carbon compliance

  • Using local resources

  • We constantly improve the machine and its production

  • Protects the ocean - unlike normal construction techniques, no ocean sand required

Cooking stoves from half round brick press

  • less smoke

  • less fire wood

  • less charcoal

  • grass can be used

  • keeps the heat

  • easy to move

  • easy to assemble

  • low costs

  • creates business

  • empower women