Clean water without electricity, boiling or chemicals

In Uganda (e.g.) large quantities of water are boiled in schools and households.

This causes environmental damage, smoke inhalation and high costs for deforestation.

We designed manual pumps for Ultra-Filters.
That was the simple, but missing link.

For more than 200 people we use a similar system
from our partner WATEROAM.

help from school to school - big house
help from school to school - school

Help from school to school

WATER FOR CHILDREN (W4C) was founded in 2016 from a circle of friends within a church group for working youth. They took over a concept that was planned to be established through SEKEM (Egypt) in 2010 but stopped by the political developements.

From 2011 on the concept was freely offered for use in presentations at a UN DPI/NGO conference, in the Royal Albert Hall (London) upon an invitation of HRH Prince Charles, to organizations and in conferences about sustainability. However, no operator was encountered.

Finally W4C found that the most sustainable concept was in empowering local schools to run water kiosks, produce clean water for their own use and sell the surplus for a low price to the local community. Our vision is for the devices to be financed by micro-loans which will be collected by European partner schools, communities, private individuals and companies using a CSR social business investment.

After an exhibition at the Global Social Business Summit in November 2018 the focus is now on realizing the project with partners who are experienced in Africa starting in 01/2020.